Work-In-Progress - Google Earth screen grab

"After Delvaux" is the artist's sample of a WIP for an April 16, 2011 opening in group show Decollage: Torn Exteriors, Augmented Realities for the Smartphone, Curated by Sarah Drury, at Ventana 244 Gallery, 244 N. 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"After Delvaux" uses augmented reality 'collaged' over the present location, as seen through the viewer's smartphone camera. This screen shot shows a work-in-progress of an AR object inserted into the front of a residential building. The view into the possible room inside shows a nude woman, a man looking past her, and a child not looking at her. Recalling the Surrealist paintings of Paul Delvaux, "After Delvaux" calls attention to the experience of looking, both through the smartphone and at the figures within the frame who are not looking at each other but into an unknowable elsewhere, and peering past the bricks of the real building. The viewer is made to feel uncomfortable about seeing "After Delvaux's" nude outside of a gallery and especially in the company of a young child. Similarly, while we're comfortable reading or seeing films about endangered whales, we're not with seeing whales that should be in our waters but are no longer. These AR whales swim in an overcrowded harbor where real whales would never survive. Augmented reality makes more "real" the loss of the whales. While "After Delvaux" creates a distance between the self and the piece, Cellphonia: Whales tries to bring the self and the piece closer together, which in turn prompts the user to sing about his feelings regarding the loss.