Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates

Code ARtist: by Steve Bull

Find the augmented reality Hot Ephemerates sculptures on your smart mobile phone/tablet at the Barbican in London until 01.01.2014. You get a new set every time you reload the screen. Look for the videos revealed when you touch the columns along Beech Street.

Find Hot Ephemerates by following these steps:
- Walk to the Curve Gallery
- Download the FREE Junaio browser from either the Apple Store or Google Play
- Open the Junaio AR Browser and use the search string "flaneur" to download the AR channel Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates.
- Find yourself in the middle of the sculptures.
- Share a screenshot using the icon found on the lower left hand corner of your screen.
- Touch the Junaio logo at the top of the screen to reload and see a brand new set of sculptures - - never to be repeated.

Get $10 if you document the sculptures.

Curve Exit Gallery map of the Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates augmented reality sculptures
Hackers use Latitude 51.52042 and Longitude -0.09431 on your mobile device to view the sculptures if you are not at the Barbican.

I hacked this view of the Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates on the opening day August 26th by putting the lat/lon coordinates into my iPad in Greenport NY.
- you can too - - this iPad image created using the screenshot found in the Junaio live view window.

Code used to create the first of the six sculptures. Each sculpture is comprised of 7 models (6 ephemeral) built around a common center point.