Artificial Sea Ice And Retrieval Of Icebergs For Freshwater Fig 1 of U.S.P.T.O. provisional patent
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The Problem:

Increasingly warmer seawater in polar regions resulting from climate change causes more icebergs to calve off glaciers. Icebergs calving off glaciers float into shipping lanes. The icebergs' freshwater is wasted when they melt into the seawater. Countries suffering from a lack of freshwater would benefit in the preservation and retrieval of these icebergs.

The Solution:

Artificial Sea Ice in the water around glaciers will reduce warming. Artificial Sea Ice in conjunction with a number of Arctic Buoys will create a corral enclosure to prevent icebergs from floating into shipping lanes. The Arctic Buoy corral will keep the icebergs clustered for retrieval in the spring by using semi-submersible heavy-lift ships

The Team:

Stephen Bull, Inventor & Serial Entrepreneur
Dr. Lawson Brigham American Polar Society & Wilson Center

Fig 2 of U.S.P.T.O. provisional patent