a ten minute video essay about a African saline well, terrorism and marriage.

by Terese Svoboda and Steve Bull


Using the interview of Mohammed Kubwa taken several years after his incarceration by the Mossad, his printed testimony, footage of the terrorist and the Nairobi bombing, emails from the jailed Mohammed Kubwa and his interview, a NY Times article about the saline well and its uses in combating terrorism, interviews with Major Brice Finney who didn't fix the well, footage of Mafia women at trials, clips from True Lies, a visual examination of purdah and polygamy, arguments between us, Well? plumbs the depths of the bond between brother and sister, man and wife, stranger and stranger, exploring a secret so huge the Mossad couldn't believe "The Chameleon" could get away with it.

STEVE BULL: "Margaret Sanger: A Public Nuisance," co-directed with Svoboda, was selected by The Getty as one of two examples of outstanding experimental biography of the 90's. Bull's videos won the grand prize at the Bucks County Film Festival, the experimental prize at the Atlanta Film Festival, and were screened at MoMA, Atlanta Film Festival, Athens Film Festival, Cleveland Film Festival, Cork Film Festival, Humboldt Film Festival, Creative Time, The Kitchen, Brazil 10 city tour, and a New York State tour. Grants from NYSCA and Experimental TV Center allowed him to develop Cellphonia, a karaoke cell phone installation that showed at ZeroOne San Jose, NIME 2007 and 2009, EAT Revisited, and ICMC 2010 in Brooklyn. Bull was in residence at Bellagio in 2005, producing video for Svoboda's RedCat opera WET.

TERESE SVOBODA: Recipient of an ITVS, a Jerome Foundation and an Appleman grant in video, Svoboda's "Headhunters" will be shown at Exchange and Evolution as part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time exhibition at RedCat in 2011. Her work has been shown at Ars Electronica, PBS, MoMA, WNYC, L.A.C.E., Lifestyle TV, Berlin Videofest, Art Institute of Chicago, CalArts, AFI, Long Beach, New American Makers, Athens Film Festival, Ohio Film Festival, American Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival (Director's Choice), L.A. Freewaves, Pacific Film Archives, Columbus Film Festival, and Worldwide Video Festival.

Contact: svoboda [at] el [dot] net