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Reinventing Payphones

Steve Bull
Lynn Hu

View Augmented Reality models
located through out NYC

Design Philosophy 1

Module Communication Interface

Design Philosophy 2

Semi-private and private interior

We want it to be a good experience but we also want everyone to have access to it. Therefore we need to limit the time that one could use it for free.

Design Philosophy 3

Neighborhood Customization - turn payphones into neighborhood attractions

What else can we do with the standardized components of a payphone?

A payphone has a speaker...

Cameras are installed on some of the payphones to take photo of the emergency caller.

In Time Square? Record a video for your family and keep a sample of the noises of Time Square. It's stamped and shipped by NYC payphones.

The payphone booth also functions as an information kiosk for both locals and visitors.

Screen Grabs of Augmented Reality Payphones in NYC

Sewark Park, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Forsyth Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Icons Provided by

Anand Nair
Christopher McDonnell
Luis Martins
Jonathan Keating
Scott Lewis
Stanislav Levin


Lynn Hu

Steve Bull